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The meeting was called to order by Mayor Daniel Imdieke on Monday, July 3, 2019 at 5:00 pm. Upon roll call, the following council members were present: Jon Ptacek, Shelly Hauge, Randall Meidinger, Dennis Morris, Linda Schumacher-Kelsch. Also present: City Attorney Joseph Hanson, City Administrator Sharon Jangula, Director of Public Works Lee Prince, Deputy Auditor Joy Bosch.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Scheduled Visitors: Eric Urness, Aaron Stuckle.

Eric Urness, Interstate Engineering, updated the council on the sewer project. He said with the exception of Top Hats, the project is near completion. He also informed the council that there are approximately 26 service lines which are infiltrating the sewer main on Sampson Avenue. 14 lines are active and the remaining 12 lines appear to be abandoned. He recommended the abandoned lines be plugged and top hats be installed to the active lines. He estimated the cost of the Top Hats and plugging the abandoned lines to be $52,000. He said there should be enough grant money left in the project to cover the additional cost. He also told the council that KPH has requested an extension to August 15th to complete the Top Hats.

After discussion, a motion to approve a change order adding the plugging of the abandoned service lines and Top Hats to active lines on Sampson Avenue and granting an extension for completion of the project to August 15, 2019, contingent on the availability of grant money and concurrence of USDA was made by Randall Meidinger, seconded by Linda Schumacher-Kelsch. Unanimous aye vote; motion carried.

Aaron Stuckle, Farmers Union Insurance Agent, addressed the council regarding switching the city employee health insurance which had been tabled from the previous meeting. He requested the city switch from the plan offered by ND Pers to a BCBS policy offered through his agency. He said the BCBS policy is similar to the plan coverage the employees currently have. The city could save approximately $5,200 per year and employees collectively $1,725 per year. It was noted that if the city drops the ND PERS insurance, they will no longer be eligible to obtain the insurance in the future.

After discussion, a motion to approve switching to the BCBS plan with Aaron Stuckle as the agent was made by Randall Meidinger, seconded by Shelly Hauge. Unanimous aye vote; motion carried.

A motion to approve the June 3, 2019 Meeting Minutes was made by Shelly Hauge, seconded by Dennis Morris. Unanimous aye vote; motion carried.

A motion to approve building permits: #19-43 Erick Schmidt-add egress windows, #19-45 Urban Silbernagel–install window & sheet rock basement; #19-46 Crystal & Shane Jahner–replace windows, build great room; #19-47 Craig Weber-build retaining wall; #19-48 Tyler Gross–replace kitchen & bathroom flooring; #19-49 Avis Michelson–build privacy fence & patio; #19-50 Randall Meidinger–replace shingles & front door; #19-51 Cory Howery–build fence was made by Linda Schumacher-Kelsch, seconded by Jon Ptacek. Unanimous aye vote; motion carried

A motion to approve the June 2019 Monthly Financial Report was made by Jon Ptacek, seconded by Shelly Hauge. Unanimous aye vote; motion carried.

The Council reviewed the June 2019 YTD Budget to Actual.

A motion to approve the following payments: Auto Value Parts Stores $183.88; BEK Communications $68.68; Blue Cross Blue Shield ND $471.00; City of Bismarck $703.34; Emmons County Record $666.24; EC Sheriffs Dept $3,963.91; Fireside Office Solutions $12.78; Fireside Office Solutions $900.00; Joseph Hanson $1,130.00; Interstate Engineering $3,917.80; IRS $4,835.13; Keith’s Service & Repair $278.60; KEM Electric Cooperative $241.49; Linton Hardware Center $27.89; Linton Hardware Center $223.55; Lonnie Mertz $75.00; Martin Oil Company $1,096.17; MDU $3,064.68; Montana-Dakota Utilities Co $223.57; ND Dept of Health – Chemistry $223.63; ND Dept of Health – Microbiology $32.00; ND Insurance Reserve Fund $3,133.43; ND One Call $7.60; NODAK True Value $620.95; NODAK True Value $2,699.99; Payroll $19,173.39; Patriot Fuels $298.88; Roll -On Tire Center $1,320.00; Sayler Implement $871.05; South Central Regional Water $6,629.70; Swantson Equipment Corp $5,200.00; USPS $204.40; Waste Management $3,871.75; and the following sewer project bills contingent on concurrence and approval from USDA RD: A-1 Sewer & Drain, Inc $6,576.05; Interstate Engineering $26,388.34; KPH, Inc. $451,007.99 was made by Randall Meidinger, second by Linda Schumacher-Kelsch. Unanimous aye vote. Motion carried.

The council reviewed the LIDC May 2019 Balance Sheet and minutes from the May 8, 2019 meeting.

Other discussion was held on crack sealing the streets, stray cats, cemetery maintenance, and the street lights funding application.

The council reviewed preliminary changes to Chapter 1 of the Ordinances.

The special election for Mayor will be held on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at the Emmons County Courthouse from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm.

The 2020 Budget Planning Meeting will be held on Monday, July 29, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, August 5, 2019 at 5:00 pm.

A motion was made by Jon Ptacek, second by Shelly Hauge to adjourn the meeting. Meeting adjourned.

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