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Quality of Life – Our Community and our School system working together

Room to play, space to grow, academic strength, athletic tradition, opportunity to compete; the environment in which we raise our children is so critical to their development and their future. Linton boasts a school system with high quality teachers, strict behavioral rules including an anti-bullying policy, and one of the most tenured group of extra-curricular coaches in the state.

North Dakota boasts one of the highest high school graduation rates in the country and assesses students in reading and language arts, math, and science. The state has academic support programs for students in rural schools via competitive grants, according to the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction.

Academically, Linton students rank high with scores above average for the state. For more details follow this link to specific academic results. Linton recorded a 53% proficiency rating in Math, with an additional 17% testing as advanced. Linton High School was recognized nationally as one of the top high schools in the country and is a Bronze award winner.

The North Dakota School Plant profile contains detailed information on academic results within the state with Linton consistently scoring above the state average in all categories.

At Linton High School, every graduating student gets a college scholarship opportunity thanks to the Herbert and Esther Million dollar trust fund. The interest from this trust fund is divided equally each year for graduating students. For more information, please visit the Central Dakota news article.

Extra-curricular Activities

A small average class size gives all children a great opportunity to be involved in extra-curricular activities. Numerous studies have proven the positive impact that extra-curricular activities have on our youth; at Linton HMB, you can be assured your children will get the opportunity to develop life long social and leadership skills while competing and making new friends.

Linton has competed in numerous state championship events and in 2011 the football, basketball, and volleyball teams advanced to the state tournaments. For more information please visit the Linton School website.

In the summer, children have the opportunity to compete in 4H, t-ball, baseball, and take in various summer camps.  Golfing, horseback riding, hiking, fishing and swimming are additional fun summertime activities for our youth.

Here is a link to Dave Almany’s blog to learn more about Linton HMB athletic tradition.

Here is a link to a great story that talks about a couple of our Linton High School coaches.