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Access to quality healthcare is important to every community and Linton is fortunate to have convenient healthcare right within the city.

Linton Dental Center
Cristopher Turman, D.D. S.
117 S. Broadway Street
Linton ND
701-254-4521 or 800-201-2115

General Dentistry for all ages
New patients WELCOME!
Patients seen by appointment – call today!

Our staff consists of six friendly helpful people. One dentist, two dental hygienists and three dental assistants. Our office consists of four treatment rooms with modern equipment in a friendly environment. We fully comply with all OSHA and Infection Control protocol.


Emmons County Public Health
118 W. Spruce Avenue
Linton ND

Emmons County Public Health provides health services to all ages. These services include:

  • Newborn Home Visits
  • Health Baby Clinics – which provide growth and development screenings and immunizations services and pre-school screenings.
  • School Programs – which include hearing, vision, and scoliosis screening, health education and communicable disease monitoring.
  • In Home health Visits are provided for the elderly.
  • Senior Citizen Clinics are held in all 5 Emmons County Communities.
  • Women’s Way Program – a breast and cervical cancer screening program for women ages 40 to 64 years.
  • Other health Education / Screening Programs for all ages.
    All services are provided on a suggested donation and no one refused if unable to pay for services. Call 254-4027 for more information.

    White Drug
    121 N. Broadway Street

    Linton ND

    Hours: 8:15 am to 5:30 pm Mon-Fri
    9:00 am to 3:00 pm Saturday
    Closed Sunday
  • Pharmacy
  • Giftware, Hallmark Cards, Souvenirs
  • Health & Beauty
  • Photo Processing
  • Local Dry Cleaning

    Brindle’s Healing Hands
    201 S. Broadway Street
    Linton ND

    Hours: 9 AM to 5PM Mon-Fri
    Phone 701-254-4777

    Bobbie Jo Brindle, LMT
    8 years experience that offers:

  • Muscle Tension
    Relax Reflexology
    Cranial Therapy
    Ear Candling


    Wangler Chiropractic Clinic
    Allergy Elimination Treatment
    118 S Broadway Street
    Linton, ND 58552

    1310 E Boulevard Ave Bismarck, ND 58501 – 701-391-6802
    Buffalo Mall Milltown Herbs Jamestown, ND – 701-252-2284

    Dr. Wangler has been in practice in Linton for over 20 years. Dr. Wangler uses the activator method. This specific system of adjusting has been developed with the ability to restore proper spinal balance. The hand held activator is designed to deliver a controlled light and fast thrust without undue strain from the patient. Because of the accuracy and controlled light force, the activator method adjustments are suitable and comfortable for all types of patients ranging from pregnant women, babies, and children to athletes and senior citizens. This technique utilizes a system of body mechanics, neurological reflexes and leg length to check you’re over all spinal balance and help locate the misalignments of your spinal column.

    Another method that Dr Wangler uses is called Neuromodulation Technique (NMT) to eliminate allergies, auto-immune diseases, chronic pain and many other conditions. This method works very well for most arthritic cases, such as osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid, gastrointestinal conditions such as gastric reflux disease or chronic heartburn, indigestion, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. This method is a compilation of many other disciplines from the hard sciences such as neurology and endocrinology, to incorporating energy techniques such as acupuncture or meridian therapy and applied kinesiology.

    Simply stated the technique taps into the body’s intelligence, assessing what is wrong and correcting any faults that may be in the nervous system, immune system or glands that are causing or contributing to some disease process or some other body dysfunction. The treatment eliminates the confusion that is in the nervous and immune system, once this confusion is eliminated the body’s healing abilities are unleashed which allows a return to normal function.

    I am not making any medical diagnoses. I am only accessing nervous and immune function, making corrections to a more normal function. This method is non-invasive and safe for all ages. At times I will be recommending supplements to take to enhance body functions, and eliminate any deficiencies that may be present.
    Dr. L.J. Wangler



    Linton Hospital and Medical Center
    518 North Broadway
    Linton ND 58552

    Phone 701-254-4511

    Linton Hospital is a nonprofit;community governed and supported health care organization that provides a full range of appropriate primary, preventative, and diagnostic health care services to promote community wellness to persons in the market area serviced by the hospital.

    Linton Hospital is committed to:

    • Advancing the health of patients and the communities we serve through a culture of leadership, continuous quality improvement, and accountability.
    • a culture of safety that continuously seeks to minimize hazards and patient harm that may result from the processes of care.
    • Providing those services that the health care professionals affiliated with the hospital can by meeting all prevailing standards for quality of care.
    • Providing those services that it is economically sensible to provide.
    • Working with other community health care organizations to ensure coordination and avoid costly duplication of effort.

    To Fulfill our mission, Linton Hospital is committed to the following:

    • Our employees are our most valuable assets, and they will provide the desired level of care and commitment when the hospital board and management provide the environment needed to practice their profession.
    • A culture of patient safety, including but not limited to; employee and physician involvement and accountability, open communication, and blame free environment.
    • We exist to provide service to the community, so an ongoing link to the community through the board of directors is vital to our future successes.

    Hospital services:

    • 11 Assisted Living Apartments
    • Swing Bed – Skilled – Insurance or Medicare Pays; Intermediate – Private Pay
    • 24 hour Emergency Room
    • ALS Ambulance
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation
    • Physical Therapy
    • Cardiac Stress Tests
    • Telemedicine – hook ups with St. Alexius and Medcenter One
    • Radiology
    • Mammography
    • Lab
    • Ultrasound
    • CT Scans
    • Home Health
    • Hospice
    • Home Help
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Speech Therapy
    • Meals on Wheels
    • Outpatient and Inpatient Surgeries

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