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Chamber of Commerce

Linton Chamber of Commerce
We, the Linton Chamber of Commerce invite you and your family to explore our friendly city. With the help of this web site, we hope you will discover the rich heritage and progressive spirit that makes Linton special. Once again, the Linton Chamber of Commerce welcomes you to Linton.

The Linton Chamber of Commerce is a rapidly growing volunteer organization committed to promoting and stimulating local commerce, supporting the community of Linton and serving the needs of visitors.

Member Information:
Any reputable business firm, individual, association, corporation, partnership or estate having an interest in the above objective shall be eligible for membership. Annual membership dues are $80 general membership and $35 associate membership.

Monthly meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month at 5:30 pm.
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The annual meeting is held at the January general membership meeting.

Chamber of Commerce Officers:
President – Crystal Jahner- BNC National Bank (701-254-4625)
Vice President – JoAnn Humann – Moving Beyond the Page (701-254-4999)
Secretary – Charlotte Cook (701-254-4831)
Treasurer – Kera Reich – Cobblestone Inn & Suites (701-254-5734)
Director at Large – Kathy Kramer – K&H Electric (701-254-4689)