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South Central Transit Network

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Need help with your busy day? While at work do you need help moving your children from daycare to preschool? Linton is very fortunate to have Emmons County Transit serving the community.

Serviced by people you know and trust, Emmons County Transit is invaluable to your busy life.


South Central Transit Network

Transportation services are available throughout the counties served by South Central Adult Services. All vehicles display the name South Central Transit Network. Transportation is available to take the general public to and from meal sites and for other purposes which include: medical appointments, shopping, recreation, schools and personal needs. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available. Please make the dispatcher aware of this need when scheduling your ride. Normally, transportation services will not be available on legal holidays.

Rides are provided on a first-call-first-served basis. You must schedule in advance since some trips do not go if there are no passengers. Call for reservations at the following numbers as far in advance as possible. Charges for each trip are posted in each vehicle.

For unscheduled transportation needs, contact your county outreach worker who will be happy to assist you.

Travel within Linton…………………701-851-0589
Travel within Emmons County……701-851-0308
Travel to Bismarck…………………..701-731-0072